Satan-Moloch: Eye Of The Qliphoth

Satan-Moloch: The Eye Of The Qliphoth

  • Look: Contemporary graphic tee design
  • Style: Unisex for both men & women
  • Fabric: 100% pre-shrunk cotton
  • airplane-around-earthShipping: Receive in 2 weeks or less globally

This sigil embraces the Draconian symbolism of Thaumiel. Two dragon heads, facing opposite directions, are symbolic of two faces of the God of Thaumiel and form the horned head of Lucifer. The Eye of Lucifer, which is revealed through the work of Thaumiel as the Eye gazing into the Void, is inscribed within the eleven-rayed star of the Qliphoth. It is reptilian, signifying the Draconian nature of the Lord of Thaumiel while the blackness surrounding it stands for the black canvas of the Void onto which the Initiate on the path of the Qliphoth projects one’s Vision of Godhood.

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